7 trends for e-commerce to follow in 2022

Bekir Çelik
3 min readJun 10, 2022

eCommerce is now an undeniable fact of the whole globe. Since eCommerce grows approximately around 15% each year, most of the companies prefer to sell their products online. If you want to step into the eCommerce world or grow your existing business, you should follow the 7 trends of eCommerce in 2022.

1.Social Media Marketing

People spend hours on their favourite social media platforms every day. That’s why it’s a wise decision to invest in social media marketing, as creating shoppable posts in social media leads people to shopping more often than anything else.

2. Personalized Experience

Since internet gives people the opportunity to become whatever they want, every individual internet user prefers personalized experiences about anything. eCommerce is no exception. People prefer to buy products recommended through their previous online footsteps rather than the ones they see in old-school advertisements.

3. Visuality

Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and other social media platforms give people the practice about judging everything through visuality. Text and long videos are no longer trends in commerce, as people decide on buying products through photos or short recommendation videos.

4. Augmented Reality

New but not less effective than the others: Augmented Reality helps consumers try the products online before actually buying them. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics and more product ranges can be sold with AR experiences.

5. Mobile Services

Do you have an app for your eCommerce platform? Send notifications! Do you have an e-mail list? Send e-mails! Do you have social media accounts? Manage them wisely! 60% of the eCommerce traffic comes from smartphones, according to the latest studies.

6. Subscription

Subscription is the best way to keep customers in reserve. Especially millenials prefer subscribable platforms and dealers so as to stop taking troubles about remembering their preferences and re-ordering.

7. Chatbot Services

Having a question about an online service or facing a problem with a product is a hard challenge for all eCommerce consumers, as it might be tricky to find a problem-solver soon. Chatbots are the best and most efficient way to give quick answers to the questions and offer solutions to the problems of the consumers.

eCommerce world is in a continuous change, just like the rest of the world. Follow the new trends and keep your business strategies up to date all the time!